NMB48 Kamonegix 1st Week Sales

NMB48‘s 8th single [Kamonegikkusu], released on October 2, finished its first week selling 374,644 copies. The single ranked first in the Oricon Weekly Charts and so became NMB48‘s 7th single to top this ranking.

As usual, first day sales were the highest with 270,447 copies. Apparently due to an additional shipment of theater editions Day 4 showed a boost in sales with 66,762 copies sold.

Compared to previous singles, [Kamonegikkusu] had the third best first week sales only about a thousand copies short of [Nagiichi]’s 375,785 but more than 100,000 copies lower than NMB48‘s best selling single [Bokura no Eureka] (481,843 in first week).


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