AKB48’s Kuramochi Asuka holds a release event for her 1st photo book

On September 14th, AKB48‘s Kuramochi Asuka held a release event for her 1st photo book ‘Mimitabu‘. 


Kuramochi released this photo book on her birthday, September 11th. “I’m completely satisfied. I never thought I’d release a photo book, which has been a dream of mine, on my birthday,” she expressed. 


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Regarding the upcoming ‘4th Janken Tournament‘, Kuramochi predicted, “I feel like I will be 2nd place this year. I’m strong during the tournament, but I’m weak when it comes to the final stage, so I think I’m going to place 2nd.” 


In last year’s tournament, Kuramochi lost to Oshima Yuko during the 2nd round. This time, if both of them win and advance, they will be paired up in the 3rd round. Kuramochi stated, “If things go well this year, I will battle against Yuko-chan again. I will take revenge.


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