Let’s Play a Game Involving Your Oshi

The rules are simple:

1. List down your Top 7 ranking oshis.

2. Choose which which one of them will be the following:

  • Girlfriend
  • Osananajimi or best friend
  • Mother
  • Wife
  • One Night Stand
  • Sister (choice of neesan or imouto)
  • Just another girl

3. Explain why she is the one you chose for that role.

4. Anybody can play this game.

I’ll play this game myself (so maybe you want to play to)

My Top 7

Watanabe Mayu
Sashihara Rino
Sato Amina
Watanabe Miyuki
Kuramochi Asuka
Matsui Rena
Oba Mina

Watanabe Mayu – Sister (imouto)

For being my kami oshi, she doesn’t really get that much role to begin with. She can’t be my mother. She might as well be not my girlfriend but only a friend at best or just someone else.

Oba Mina – Wife

She always thinks what’s best for someone she’s with and she’ll be dependable at that. She has a positive mindset and she’s committed to keeping a promise with you. Even in rough times, she’ll be there.

Watanabe Miyuki – Girlfriend

She’s probably the best girlfriend to have – very cute and keeps a smile on her face. She’s an enthusiastic girl who always keeps the ones she interacts to be interested in what she is doing. She’s more than just a friend and I think she can have responsibilities as a girlfriend too.

Sashihara Rino – Mother

Despite being someone who can keep secrets and someone whom you can hang out with, she would be a great mother if you give her responsibilities. You might think she’s the carefree type of mother but when she’s mad, she’s really gonna get into you. She likes to oversee what’s happening and that’s the role she’d be good with.

Matsui Rena – best friend

She might have the same interests as you and is willing to talk about it for hours. Despite known for being a lolicon, her being an otaku can make her a great friend. She’s someone whom you can depend on too. When she’s serious, you might get lost in the mix. Don’t let her scary side get to you.

Sato Amina – Just Another Girl

She’s just someone whom at first glance, you can’t help but look at her. She doesn’t look the most attractive but you know she can get your attention.

Kuramochi Asuka – One Night Stand

She’s that attractive and let that get into you. You’ll have fun with her when she’s on. Better not mess it up. Nice body and you know all the other guys would want her.


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