The Tang Min Situation SNH48 Special

8/23: Management announced Tang Min will not be attending the 3 day handshake event for ‘Flying Get’.
8/23: Tang Min opens up a personal weibo account and posts, “Is this the last time we see each other? [crying smiley]” with a photo of SNH48 fans. Fans freak out.
8/26: Tang Min makes a second post on her personal weibo, “Brightest star in the night sky Please shine brightly as I go forward.” Fans freak out again, some take this as a sign she’s basically confirming she left the group.
8/28: Management announce Tang Min will not be performing at the grand opening shows of the Star Dream Theater. She has also been taken off the attendance list for their scheduled September theater shows.

SNH48 Tang Min is also excluded from the September performances (9/5 9/7 9/8) at Star Dream Theater.

It was disappointing for me since this is the 1st time in a long time that I’ve been sad at such graduation. Tang Min, Yuxi, Huiwen already left the group and that also meant 10 of the 26 1st gen members leave. I didn’t like how it turned out. There are reasons for that.

I was just getting into the group and Tang Min caught my eye so that meant that she was gonna be my oshi. Now that she left, it hurts to see someone leave but it hurts even more that SNH management didn’t even give a crap about notifying on their account about Tang Min leaving. I even had to know it from another member of the group so it’s really bad. Management tried to cover up her graduation. She didn’t even graduate with honor. All the promotion materials of her and even her parts in the drama they’re filming are removed as if Tang Min didn’t really exist at all. Where’s the honor in that?

There’s also this situation about the 10 of 26 1st gen members leaving. Did all of them graduate because of illness? Did any of them violate any rules that could ground them? The answer to both questions is no. Some left because of school reasons, some may have left because of health reasons. Some may have not liked being in the group at all and some just want to pursue their dream. This graduations feel like a big scandal happened to all of them and all fans would be surprised that a certain girl will not appear for a show. I think that’s very cruel.

Back to Tang Min’s situation. Would you have liked it if AKB0048 Next Season had Kuumin removed from the cast list? Would you have liked if Acchan didn’t do Manatsu no Sounds Good? Why would Tomochin be in Sayonara Crawl and Koisuru Fortune Cookie? Why would Mariko be even part of Koisuru Fortune Cookie or why Akimoto Sayaka gets to perform at Tokyo Dome at all? I’ll leave that to you guys to answer. The point is, these girls are given a benefit to finish their AKB careers with a bang – either a concert, a single and even a final stage performance which is a tradition. AKB management give the graduates one last time to shine.  The graduates are even allowed to appear on recap footages with their permission of course.  Without all of these things, Haru Con this year wouldn’t have been possible and the graduation performances of Acchan, Tomochin and Sayaka in Tokyo Dome. Whatever happens, they’ll always be part of the AKB48 family whether we like the girl or not. We can’t deny history and we have learned from the mistakes of the past. You can’t erase the girls who have been part of AKB48 and sister groups.

I want the group to be better and to be honest these graduations don’t lean towards the best direction in my opinion. SNH just let their top 3 members go. I can’t take this.


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