130824 Oba Mina Blog Post

NOTE: This was sent in the morning, before the announcement of new Team 4


Good morning(*^_^*)

Tokyo Dome’s concert has already began


memories of Team 4’s disbandment one year ago at this very place resurfaced 

Even though we cried while performing once

but right now we are able to sing happily together

After the announcement, Team 4 members talked together

At that time, we said “Let’s work hard to form a team that everyone would find a waste when we disband”

Even though I can’t exactly say it was exactly like what I said back then, but everyone right now really really worked very hard and shined. 

For my words back then to come ture I was really shocked

To the announcement regarding Team 4 disbandment

I am really thankful 

Please do not quote me out of context

This is something that only can be said now

I do not wish for us to disband!

If we continued at that time we would be unable to notice some things

But we have noticed it

This means that the 16 of us have grown compared to 1 year ago. Probably. 

This time for Tokyo dome we’ve danced many team songs and everyone had many opportunites to perform

It was very enriching!

Thank you everyone

Today is the third day~

Ahhh~ I’m looking forward to it!

I’m waiting for everyone at Tokyo Dome



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