Togasaki saying about the upcoming draft

We will be having a two-day concert in Nagoya today!!
Please come to the concert.
I appreciate those who shared their opinions during the draft meeting.
There were people who shared their opinions saying, “Are you ignoring the current teams and the Team Trainees?” Of course it’s not like that, but rather, I just only want to make things better!!
There will be always pros and cons whenever we hold a new event. However, it’s really enjoyable to exchange opinions with the fans.
There are still a lot of unclear things about the draft meeting. That is why, I will be answering your questions through Google+.
Mr. Akimoto told me that “The team is like a migratory fish. It wouldn’t be able to go anywhere if it doesn’t continue to swim. It must not stay in one place.”
I want to continue improving without forgetting what he said to me.
I also need the warm support from the fans.
There are still a lot of things that I should do. I’ll do my best!!

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