SKE48 Kito Momona caught kissing Tegoshi Yuya while drunk

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It was reported that both were appeared drunk when the kiss happened. Tegoshi Yuya is from NEWS and subgroup Tegomass. Looks like Momona is involved in a scandal again.

This is the previous scandal she got involved in. Read from here.

Remember how Tegoshi kissed someone in FRIDAY magazine like a few weeks ago

Tegoshi looks like an easy target here since he kinda flirts and now he’s involved in 2 scandals in less than 2 months so his fans might worry about it. Whether the pic might be fake or not isn’t confirmed yet as there is a need of more photo evidence. If more photos come out then maybe this will all be clear.

Back to Momona. Well she doesn’t learn. If management let this die out then it might give a bad image to SKE. To be honest she’s still a part of the team which will do the Senshuuraku of S3 tomorrow and she recently participated in the SKE Janken Prelims.  She already got into trouble already. When will she learn? Her fans are probably disappointed at what happened right now if it is true and some SKE fans want her out of the group already. She got demoted already and still it did not help her. She’s not yet 20 and now she’s been through all of these.

If she will be forced to graduate then I’ll feel bad because she is still young and could probably stay around to be an SKE senpai to the young ones but sometimes you have to draw the line. Simply say, “Enough is enough” With enough proof, it will be justified if she does graduate but all is on the hands of the management now.

As for Shukan Bunshun, maybe they can do better. I can’t comment on them any further.

So far, Momona hasn’t clarified anything as of the moment.


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