AKB48 KKS 5th Janken Preliminaries

Today is Janken Preliminary for AKB48 Kenkyuuseis. Unlike regular team members who automatically go to the final stage, kenkyuuseis have to do preliminary among themselves to decide 4 members to go to the final stage. Just like other preliminaries which have been done, they did it at their own theater. Among
those 24 members, which one will be able to advance? See the result here!

Block A
First Round
Iwatate Saho vs Komiyama Haruka. Winner : Iwatate Saho
Okada Ayaka vs Minegishi Minami. Winner : Minegishi Minami

Second Round
Iwatate Saho vs Kitazawa Saki. Winner : Iwatate Saho
Minegishi Minami vs Yumoto Ami. Winner : Yumoto Ami

Final Round


Iwatate Saho vs Yumoto Ami. Winner : Yumoto Ami

Block B
First Round
Umeta Ayano vs Okada Nana. Winner : Umeta Ayano
Shinozaki Ayana vs Takashima Yurina. Winner : Takashima Yurina

Second Round
Umeta Ayano vs Kojima Mako. Winner : Kojima Mako
Takashima Yurina vs Nishino Miki. Winner : Nishino Miki

Final Round

Kojima Mako vs Nishino Miki. Winner : Kojima Mako

Block C

First Round
Sato Kiara vs Ichikawa Minami. Winner : Ichikawa Minami
Fukuoka Seina vs Maeda Mitsuki. Winner : Maeda Mitsuki

Second Round
Ichikawa Minami vs Tsuchiyasu Mizuki. Winner : Tsuchiyasu Mizuki
Maeda Mitsuki vs Aigasa Moe. Winner : Aigasa Moe

Final Round


Tsuchiyasu Mizuki vs Aigasa Moe. Winner : Tsuchiyasu Mizuki

Block D
First Round
Mogi Shinobu vs Murayama Yuiri. Winner : Mogi Shinobu
Hashimoto Hikari vs Uchiyama Natsuki. Winner : Uchiyama Natsuki
Second Round
Mogi Shinobu vs Mukaichi Mion. Winner : Mukaichi Mion
Uchiyama Natsuki vs Owada Nana. Winner : Owada Nana
Final Round

Mukaichi Mion vs Owada Nana. Winner : Owada Nana


With this, Yomoto Ami, Kojima Mako, Tsuchiyasu Mizuki, and Owada Nana have agined the right to stand at the final stage in Nippon Budoukan. Congratulations for all 4 members!


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