Former AKB48 member Nakaya Sayaka reveals her new agency + Twitter Account


仲谷 明香/なかや さやか

On July 1st, former AKB48 member Nakaya Sayaka announced through her blog that she will be working under Amuleto


Nakaya graduated from AKB48 back in March in order to pursue her career as a voice actress. During an event in late-April, she introduced herself with the words, “I’m just an ordinary person,” as she did not belong to an agency. 


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In the blog entry, Nakaya reported, “The new agency I will belong to has been decided! I will be under Amuleto-san’s care starting today.” 


She continued, “I also started going to school in June. I absolutely want to utilize it in the future, so I will give it my all and do my best!” Regarding what’s to come, she positively stated, “I’ll probably fail a lot of auditions… but I will go with a strong mind and spirit!” 


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