NMB48 Kenkyuusei Ishihara Masako withdraws from the group

It has been announced that idol group NMB48‘s Kenkyuusei Ishihara Masako has withdrawn from the group as of June 27th, due to her poor physical health.

Below is what she wrote on NMB48’s official blog.

“I, Ishihara Masako, am withdrawing from NMB48. There were times I became ill during my NMB48 activities. Though I felt bad for causing trouble for people around me, I tried my hardest because I wanted to continue my activities.
However, after I became ill this time, my doctor told me that it is impossible for me to continue my activities. I consulted the staff members and my family, and have come to a conclusion to withdraw.
To all of you who supported me, I am so sorry for withdrawing before responding to your feelings even a little bit. The warm comments and letters I received from you guys have always supported me. I will never forget the kindness and the messages you guys gave me at the handshake events. I am just full of gratitude.
I still keep my dream to become a producer. It will be from a different way, but I want to make the best use of my experience in NMB48, and work hard to make my dream come true.
Great senior members, the staff members who always helped my activities, and the 4th generation members whom I worked hard together with while encouraging each other. I love NMB48. From now on, I will cheer for them with you guys as a fan of NMB48.
To be able to have many valuable experiences, to be able to stand on a big stage, and to be able to encounter all of you. I am happy to be able to become a member of NMB48. Thank you very much


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