SNH48’s 1st EP [Heavy Rotation] Released


Presale for SNH48‘s first EP [Heavy Rotation] started yesterday on 13th June 2013.

There is currently only one version of the EP, containing 3 songs and their instrumentals as well as a bonus of a member photo card and group photo, a DVD, and a handshake ticket. Every 5th copy sold also comes with a ticket to have a 2-shot with a member of your choice and every 10th copy sold comes with a bonus autograph.

It is available for 78 yuan on SNH48‘s online shop but only to those living in China.

SNH48 1st EP
Heavy Rotation
13 June 2013

01. Heavy Rotation (无尽旋转)
02. RIVER (激流之战)
03. Sakura no ki ni Narou (化作樱花树)
04. Heavy Rotation (instrumental)
05. RIVER (instrumental)
06. Sakura no Ki ni Narou (instrumental)
01. Heavy Rotation (Music Video)
02. RIVER (Music Video)
03. Sakura no ki ni Narou (Music Video)
04. March 31st handshake event BTS

Watch all three music videos below:


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