Takahashi Minami’s Last Sousenkyo – Really?

Could this be the last year she joins sousenkyo?

I’ve heard rumors about her telling the fans about her future activities. I don’t know if the fans just misunderstood her or if it is real. Takamina has been a big part of the foundation of AKB48. She is one of the girls from the 1st generation, meaning she’s been here for 8 years now.

What it means when she graduates?

AKB48 will surely miss her if she graduates. She may be one of the smallest girls to be in the group, yet her leadership backstage and her dedication to perform well has made her last this long. She may be 22 and could be better finding off a job but I think she might not leave just yet as she has a role to fulfill as a senior and as the leader of all girls in AKB right now.

Aki-P not letting her go

Maybe it was just a thought that crossed my mind about it. I think she should be allowed to leave just because she feels that AKB can do without her. While she’s just a member to some, or oshimen to a lot, I’m sure she’s really that important. Seeing her go might break AKB and Aki-P’s plans of making AKB even more successful. Just like a team, he don’t want to let go of his superstars. Maeda Atsuko left already because she didn’t want to carry AKB on her shoulders any longer and felt like it would hinder her dream of becoming an actress. Minami wants to be a singer so that’s why she’s into it when she performs. Maybe it’s just that Aki-P wants to keep his best members for as long as possible.

Ready for a new leader

Members have come and go and that’s what AKB is all about. Not everyone will stay long and they will find their time useful outside either working or studying. Minami leaving it to the younger girls would keep the cycle of AKB going forward. We can follow the KKS grow into the members we know and love today. Soon, the leader might come from one of the KKS today. We don’t know what’s gonna happen but AKB can let their members shine if they have to. Other groups like Morning Musume didn’t have such program so whoever came out as the best in the audition were selected and maybe it didn’t help them much. AKB is ready for anyone graduating and won’t be taking as much of a hit as the other groups and that’s what makes it better. Passpo only has 9 members and such graduation can kill their group. Perfume and Idoling might fall under the same pattern.

Fans set the standard

I guess people have the notion of what the members have done and so the future girls are just expected to do well, if not even better. I think that’s how things roll for them. The newer fans probably never heard a lot about their oshimen and also have a closed mind so they keep on defending the old gen. Of course you can’t call anyone great if she’s not been in the group for a set time.

When do you think she will graduate?

I’d say probably next year at a concert and have a ceremony just like Chiyuu and Acchan did. For someone like her, a theater show is still lacking I guess. 2014 or 2015, being that it will be the 10th year she’ll be there.


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