More News from Presscon

Press con for the elections was held today!

Mariko-sama tweeted this pic of the press con for the election held this evening (just finished)


Translation by miroku48

Mariko-sama’s Twitter: 8:06 p.m. 今日は一日総選挙取材や、打ち合わせや最後は記者発表行ってきました!いよいよ今週になりました総選挙、楽しみます\(^o^)/6/4 12:00〜 6/16まで @ベルサール秋葉原1Fにて『AKB48総選挙ミュージアム』が開催 Today we had a whole day of press conference for the General Election, meetings and we also went to a press release! It finally became “this week” of General Election, I’m looking forward to it \(^o^)/ on June 4th since 12:00 〜 until June 16th it’ll be opened an exhibition at Bellesalle Akihabara 1F “AKB48 General Election Museum”

Writeup and photos now at


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