Kashiwagi Yuki Mobame 5/11 – 5/14

2013-05-11 12:32

It’s raining~
I’m filming today^^   (side note: she was shooting AKBingo)
Everyone in Iwate,
although today is handshake event, I’m sorry I won’t be there(;_;)
To be able to go next time…
I will take that emotion with me today!
I will definitely work hard at the filming!

2013-05-13 09:58

Good morning
I’ve been rehearsing since morning~~
Tonight at TDC Hall
will be Team B’s Waiting stage^^
Somehow my neck hurts (・A・)
I sprained it while sleeping maybe?
Eiiiiiii!!! w

2013-05-14 11:38

I’ve been filming since morning~
The weather is nice ^ ^
Although I’m inside w
Since it’s wait time, I’m reading a book.
What am I reading?
It’s a secret~~!!! w


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