Eguchi Aimi Disappears from AKB48’s Profile Page

AKB48‘s very own virtual idol Eguchi Aimi has finally graduated from the group. Her profile was taken down from the official website a few days ago.

Eguchi Aimi debuted on June 2011 as the “Ultimate Kenkyuusei”, impressing Akimoto Yasushi during NMB48‘s 2nd Generation audition. She then got transfered to AKB48 and become the only member of AKB48‘s generation 12.5. Immediately after debuting, she made the cover of the magazine Shupure, as well as starring front and center in the Ice no Mi commercial collaboration with Ezaki Glico.

It was later revealed though that Eguchi Aimi was not a real person, but actually a digital composite of various AKB48 members. Oshima Yuko for her hair and body, Takahashi Minami for her facial outline, Maeda Atsuko for her eyes, Itano Tomomi for her nose, Shinoda Mariko for her mouth and Watanabe Mayu for her eyebrows. 12th Gen Kenkyuusei Sasaki Yukari also filled in as the actual body for the Shupure photoshoot and in live concerts.

However soon after, Eguchi Aimi started appearing less and less and within a month she was nowhere to be seen. Her profile was still kept on the AKB48 official site until today. Eguchi Aimi has not left any graduation speech and no graduation ceremony has been planned.


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