Nogizaka46 2nd Geneneration Member was Previously an AKB48 Kenkyuusei

Nogizaka46 is in the process of revealing it’s 2nd generation of members, one during each day of it’s [16nin no Principal deux] Stage held in Tokyo. On their 8th May show, the member revealed was none other than Nishikawa Nanami, previously an AKB48 Kenkyuusei member until 2009.

You can see the other 2nd generation Nogizaka46 members that have already been revealed over the past days, with more to be added over the upcoming shows.

Nishikawa Nanami was an 8th generation AKB48 Kenkyuusei member before she was fired from the group on 25th July 2009 for her ‘lack of self awareness’. There was no further explanation but allegedly she took a purikura with a fan. Here is the official post stating her dismissal

This is not the first time a member that has been dismissed from the group has successfully re-auditioned. AKB48 Shinoda Team A‘s Kikuchi Ayaka was originally a 3rd generation member in Team B back in 2008 when she was fired after purikura pictures with her boyfriend were leaked into the internet. She re-auditioned in December the same year, and debuted as a 7th generation Kenkyuusei.

Considering that Mayuyu is friendly to Nogizaka these days, I think it’s not bad for someone from the 8th gen. They’re still under Aki-P so it’s not really a crime hehe.


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