7cm – New Group Formed From Ex-SDN48 Members

7cm, a group formed from 7 ex-SDN48 members, has just been announced on 4th May 2013. They are signed to AVEX and consist of:

(left to right)
Hosoda Miyuu
Kato Mami
Ito Mana
Umeda Haruka
Imayoshi Megumi
Kaida Jyuri

SDN48 were formed to be the more “mature” sister group of AKB48, they started performing their 1st (and only) stage [Yuuwaku no Garter] on 1st August 2009 and all members were graduated en masse at the [NEXT ENCORE] concert at the NHK Hall on 31st March 2012. Since then, the group held two re-union performances at the AKB48 Theatre on 31st March 2013, and also performed on 15th May 2012 as part of the [Minogashita Kimitachi e 2] revival concert series and will perform two shows as part of the [Omoidaseru Kimitachi e] revival concert series on 25th May 2013.

7cm have a number of official web presences:

Official Website:http://avex.jp/7cm
Official Blog:http://ameblo.jp/7cm-officialblog/
Official Twitter:https://twitter.com/7cm_staff
Official YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/7cmCH

In addition, the official website has links to the official blogs and twitter accounts for each of the 7 members.

Check out the debut video from their official YouTube Channel, about their formation:

To be honest Umeda Haruka and KONAN are the only ones who I easily recognize. I’m happy some of the SDN girls are still continuing their idol duties but as separate from AKB. I think they need to grow besides that they are Ex-SDN or technically Ex-48 Family but of course motto SDN would be attached to their names from now on.

Think about it, how are the AKB graduates doing?


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