Kasai Tomomi’s Graduation Performance and Ceremony ft. Nito Moeno


Performing her stage song Candy one last time, it couldn’t have gotten better for her. She also has been on other stage songs like Tonari no Banana and Dakishimeraretara. You gotta have the sexy and cute image to do it.


Why the need for such ceremony to happen? What happened during her ceremony?

She got to sing her 2 singles – Masaka and Mine (which should be coming out next week). She got the 2nd gen members to bond with her for a moment and some of them had speeches for her like Umechan, Ohori and even Saechan. She got to sing Sougen no Kiseki and Enjoy Your Life so yeah very special for her.

I think she deserves the graduation ceremony because she’s been a big part of AKB’s success. She’s a 2nd generation member, has always been in media senbatsu and always appearing in a lot of A-sides and B-sides for the group.

But she got involved in some unnecessary scandals unlike Moeno…

I think that the good outweighs the bad so even if there are times when she got a little too comfortable with being an AKB member, she had bad habits that people often dislike her for like being lazy to be in handshakes and what not. Again what she’ll leave to AKB is much more important than what’s in store for her in the future. Moeno, on the other hand, have been in a lot of theater shows even back when she was a backup dancer. Moeno wasn’t really pushed that hard to make her AKB status look good but she was pretty much decided when she announced her graduation last February.

Why they didn’t show the concert live?

I think because Youtube Japan advertised that only the 4th day (Moeno’s Graduation) night concert will be streamed. If AKB can actually stream the whole sousenkyo in 4 hours and go over by streaming Unit Matsuri and Request Hour which is around 3 hours each, why didn’t they stream Budokan? I don’t know the answer myself. To be honest SKE, NMB and HKT had great setlists, even All48 noon concert had a good setlist so yeah it’s unfortunate that we have to wait for the box set.


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