Bullets that Have no Effect (Kasai Tomomi Special)


And SB hits another one again and they say Kasai Tomomi was dating the AKS President Kubota. The article says that Kasai gets away with a lot of things because she is close with the President but when was it believable?

Also the topic focuses on Kasai and Itano bullying Sashihara. I do think that there are teasing moments going on and I think a lot of people make fun of Sashihara sometimes, it’s just that both Tomomis are actually nice OG to the younger generation. I think Sashihara is too positive to be bullied just like that. Tomochin evading Kasai? Come on, she did react to Tomo~mi’s sudden graduation announcement at the Tokyo Dome City Hall for last year’s Kouhaku. She had some nice words to her and I think they are still that close. They’re still friends come on.


I think that SB is firing the bullets on her because she is an ‘easier’ target compared to Minegishi Minami who was at fault when she was seen visiting her boyfriend’s apartment and probably did some stuff there. Kasai, IMO isn’t really that desperate even if she did had the 10,000 yen thingy that made it into news and also the controversial photobook that wasn’t entirely her fault. I do think she relies on others for help but most definitely not on an old man to take shortcuts to her career.

Horipro on the other hand doesn’t give her enough exposure and the management sort of dumped her after Gingham Check. She has been a member of the senbatsu of AKB since Aitakatta and having only missed the A-side single for Chance no Junban and Eien Pressure. She also missed being part of the senbatsu in UZA and So Long. If she was really sticking it up to the old man, why isn’t she getting a lot of push as of late. I’ve been hearing a lot about Paruru, AnRiRe and Meru these past few months so I thought she was already in the shadows.

Since she’ll be having her 2nd single soon, I expect it would somehow save her image, but she’s on her way out, I guess it goes somewhere from her. I do think someday she will have a boyfriend that will attend to her and will love her just like Mr. Kubota is to his family (not that I know anything from him).

She’s currently my #4 oshi so take it as you will but don’t believe in everything tabloids say.


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