More on Kaotan

About Kaotan being named “Honorary KKS for life”.

“Actually, two days ago I got the news from Akimoto-sensei and Shiba-san, and although I feel very apologetic to all of the fans who came to tell me that they wanted to see me promoted, I made this decision of my own will to be a KKS forever, and to make history.”

Yeah.  She chose this.. SKE is truly unique. D:

I have a feeling that it was more of her attitude that made her decide on this. Then again, she might have had only a few options to begin with. What kind of member would decide upon herself that she wouldn’t allow herself to be promoted to a full member. In this video, she was crying when she was explaining about her situation. I’m sure the staff might have given her better options but was not as good because of some issue between herself and the management. I’m sure she doesn’t want to graduate but then, it was just time for her to be promoted. What’s keeping her back from being promoted? Who knows.


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