AKB48 group “Youtube Battle” on upcoming TV show “AKB Video Center” hosted by HKT48 Sashihara Rino


Fuji TV launches the new TV program called “AKB Eizo center” (AKB48 Video Image Center) (Sunday midnight 0 and 55, Kanto local) that features AKB48 members  it’s announced on 13th. The show start airing from 21st April, and will be aired on every Sunday midnight.


AKB gets to start Youtube Battle

For the TV show, members take on the challenge to produce video footage. They will work on the whole process of video production, from scripting to direction.The final products are uploaded on Youtube, and judged based on the number of views.

Sashihara Rino (20) of HKT48 will serve as show host of the program.

“You may be able to see unknown aspects or secrets of members”, she said.

According to the work staff of Fuji Television, a program begins AKB in 15 minutes and 4-5 members of a sister group appear at a time every week.

The collaboration with the famous creator who have gained popularity on youtube is also included in this project. Sashiko will host the show with Lily Frankie (49), start illustrator and novelist.

sashihara rino (2)

Fuji staffs also revealed that the videos include fashion or music components but they’re also planning to include more personal, intimate elements like introduction of family members  members rooms at their homes, or even a bathing scene.



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