NMB48 will have a new TV show on TV Tokyo called [Mezase 100-man en!! BLACK $ MILLION ]  (Aim for 1 Million Yen!! Black $ Million). The show will start on April 6 and will be broadcasted every Saturday.

The show is a game show where people will have to win several games in order to get 1 million yen. Together with NMB48 the comedy duo Black Mayonnaise, who already accompanied the NMB48 girls in [Star Hime Sagashi Toru ],  are part of the cast. According to a blog post of Kotani Riho, the show was recorded at ROUND 1, an entertainment center with arcade games, bowling hall, karaoke boxes etc.

Mezase 100-man en!!BLACK $ MILLION 
TV Network: TV Tokyo
Air Time: Saturday 24:25 ~ 24:50
Broadcast starts: 6th April 2013
Cast: NMB48, Black Mayonnaise (comedy duo)


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