1st Single “Masaka” Commemorative Bus Tour guided by Kasai Tomomi

Kasai Tomomi to be a voice actress for Japanese dubbed version of American Drama “Revenge Season 2″

It’s announced that AKB48 member Kasai Tomomi will be a voice actress for upcoming ABC American TV Drama “Revenge Season 2″(it’s subbed Japanese version), which will be aired in Japan for the first time.
It will be broadcast on BS channel.Miss. Kasai performs a role of a young girl called Victoria  a character who appear in it’s 8th episode which will be broadcast on May 11th.

Victoria is a target of revenge for the protagonist of the story, Emily Thorne, and Kasai will portray a voice of Victoria as a kid.
On her first job as a voice actress, Kasai said,

“This is my first voice acting for overseas drama.
It was difficult to move my mouth iun sync with the actress, and it’s essential to use my imagination to think about how the actress feel as they act.”

“In addition to it, I tried not to ruin acting of the actress, which made voice acting way harder for me.

Although it is anime, I learned a lot from Oshima Yuko’s voice acting for Disney movie “Brave””

The 8th episode ”Lineage” where Kasai make a cameo appearance is one of the most important episode of the series as it serves as a major turning point -The secret past of Emily and Victoria in their childhood is revealed.- in the story.

source: Mynavi

1st Single “Masaka” Commemorative Bus Tour hosted by Kasai Tomomi

Recently announced her graduation from the group, AKB48 member Kasai Tomomi conducted a bus tour with her fans as a bonus event to commemorate her solo debut with the single “Masaka”, which released on last December.

She served as a tour guide for the event and took 35 fans, who won the lottery, to sightseeing around famous spots in Metropolitan area.

Starting with Tokyo Tower, they toured around Nippon Budokan, AKB’s home, Akihabara and made it to the end at Asakusa.

She sang the greatest hit Enka song “Tenjou Goe” by Ishikawa Sayuri at the sacred Enka spot, “Oto no Yo~Ro~Dou” in Asakusa.

Kasai spent whopping 6 hours with fans including mealtime.

To wrap the event, fans who participated the event handed flowers to Kasai as a surprise, which moved Kasai to tears.

Kasai expressed her gratitude, saying,

“I’m glad that I could have an opportunity to be so close to fans of me.

My heart is filled with gratitude for every fans who’ve been supporting me.”




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