Nakaya Sayaka Graduation Announcement – Also to leave her Agency

2013-03-02 21:00:03
Graduation Announcement

I already had the privilege of announcing this at today 3/2’s theater show, but

I, Nakaya Sayaka, will graduate from AKB48 at the Theater show on 3/6.

For announcing it so abruptly, I’m really sorry.

I’ve thought about graduation ever since I ranked in the general election…no, even before then.

But being able to work with other members is really fun. Being able to see everyone’s smiling faces made me happy.

Honestly I’ve been really spoiled by the environment.

However, finally an event came across that made up my resolution. A voice audition for an anime I love. It will soon begin.

There truly isn’t a guarantee of passing the audition.

But, I really want to do it so. I will throw away this environment I’ve been blessed with up until now.

Furthermore, not just AKB but I’m also leaving the agency I’m attached to, Mousa.
I made the decision because the voice audition has a rule that says you can not be attached to an production.

Really this is a start from zero.

But because of the the things that have come along up until now, I think I’ll be able to persevere

From now on as well, please support Nakaya Sayaka.

Nakaya Sayaka







3rd gen’s gonna break too. No Name too and looks like it… back to zero.

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