miroku-san, is it true Kojiharu’s words about wanting to graduate soon? Please don’t leave Mariko-sama!!!

What Nyannyan really said is this: 
「初期か らずっと一緒にいたメンバーなので卒業するのはとても寂しい。私も卒業は考えることがあるけど、それはとても勇気のいることで、それを今決めたともちんが かっこいいと思います。一緒に頑張ってきた仲間としてこれからも応援していきたいと思います」と笑顔でエール。それに対して板野は「ありがとうニャンニャ ン

“Because we’ve been together since the beginning graduating is something very lonely/sad. I myself am thinking to graduate too, but for do that it takes a lot of courage, and I think Tomochin is cool for have decided about that. I wanna to support her as close friends as we’ve been until now.”, showing a smile. And for that, Itano: “thank you, Nyannyan”.
That’s what I got on net just 1 min ago.  

Original source is here.


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