AKB48’s Minami Minegishi Spends The Night At GENERATIONS’ Alan Shirahama’s Home

AKB48's Minami Minegishi Spends The Night At GENERATIONS' Alan Shirahama's Home

AKB48 is facing a new sex scandal today as group member Minami Minegishi was photographed spending the night at GENERATIONSAlan Shirahama‘s home on January 17th, according to a report from Shukan Bunshun.

Minegishi was seen entering Shirahama’s home at 12:09 am that night. At 3:00 am, the lights in the house were turned off without Minegishi leaving. The following morning, the two left the house at different times, both wearing face masks to try to conceal their identity.

Representatives for both parties involved have yet to commented on the report, though AKS, AKB48’s label, has stated they are investigating the situation.

Minegishi and Shirahama first met each other in 2011 when they co-starred in the reading drama “Moshimo Kimi ga“. The two have remained friends since working together.

AKB48 has a strict no-dating policy. Previous scandals similar in nature to Minegishi’s have resulted in other members being forced to leave the group, the most recent example being Yuka Masuda, who was accused of sleeping with rapper ISSA.


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