【documentary】original C of UZA are Jurina and Mayuyu

it has spread all over 2ch and twitter
repo from those who’ve been to the test screening.

1 :名无しさん@実况は禁止です:2013/01/21(月) 21:51:31.04 ID:5laFXIbXi

authentic quick report. real center of UZA is Mayuyu
1 :名无しさん@実况は禁止です:2013/01/21(月) 21:51:31.04 ID:5laFXIbXi
She danced not as well as anticipated, so centers were then altered to Yuko and Matsui J.
source is the (documentary) movie

(that’s why Yuko said she didn’t know she was also center until UZA’s debut on Jungen stage.
the documentary to be on next days highlights Mayu’s self-examination , strong will and perseverance, after management having hyped the war between 2nd gen center candidates. Good job, management!)

center confirmed.
in effect before Kouhaku several reports already conveyed the message.



If you ask me, Mayuyu can really dance. I feel that management let the fans down by treating Yuko like this. After the elections last year Yuko knew that time was ticking for her. She knew that she was just 2nd to Acchan and that the only chance for Yuko to be in the center was winning in the sousenkyou. She’s still in AKB now because she’s the most popular member. Aki-P doesn’t let Yuko gradute yet because he feels that Yuko can still rake in cash.
Yuko only become the real center in Heavy Rotation and Gingham Check. It’s something that she can really proud of. She become the center because of fans’ choice. Because becoming the center because of management’s decision is something that you can’t really be proud of.


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