Satō Amina trending last night

Last night, January 8th, 2013, when she tweeted about an important announcement on her radio show last night, it made a lot of people on twitter excited or nervous about her announcement. Some say, she’s gonna announce her graduation or some say that she might be getting her solo debut or more voice acting role. Some even said that she would join the sub unit DiVA replacing Masuda Yuka (former member of AKB48) as it’s 4th member.

All were put to rest as she announced that it would be a joshikai – (word for a girls-only party in which women enjoy talking with other women about their love and work while eating or drinking together) So it was not some big announcement to many but a lot got trolled by it. In the end, it was something positive and not heartbreaking so Amina is still in AKB48.

She did trend in Japan for the 9th place a few minutes after the radio broadcast so it’s good to see a lot of Amina supporters tuning in and this might give Amina a much needed boost in her popularity.


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